August 6, 2013

Questions to Ask Your Child's School about Common Core

Implementation of Common Core standards will vary slightly from school to school. Asking these questions will prepare you and your child for the change.

Kristin Stanberry, for the National Center for Learning Disabilities

Has your state agreed to adopt the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in its public schools? If so, you’ll want as much information as possible before the new standards go into effect. Your child’s school or school district may communicate some of this information on their website or in notices sent home to parents. Because the CCSS will affect the entire school, all parents will want to be informed and prepared. Below are some of the key questions you’ll want to get answers to.

Questions All Parents Should Ask About the Common Core State Standards

  • When will the CCSS go into effect at our school?
  • If the standards change drastically, will this result in a difficult transition for teachers and students? If so, what will the school do to minimize the disruption?
  • How (and how soon) will my child’s general education teachers be trained in the new standards?
  • How will the school’s curriculum materials (like textbooks) be replaced or adapted for CCSS?
  • When will the CCSS assessments (tests) be introduced at our school?
  • What will the new annual tests look like?
  • Will the annual tests be online-only? If this is a change for your school, ask if the school has enough computers in good working order. Also, will less computer-literate students need more training in keyboarding and other technical skills?
  • How can I help make the shift to CCSS easier for my child?

Keep a record of the answers to these questions so you can refer to them throughout the school year, especially before parent-teacher conferences.

If you suspect your child has a learning disability, or your child already receives special education services, you'll want to ask some additional questions. To see the full article and learn more, visit

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